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our Tortillas

We bake one of a kind, authentic stone ground flour tortillas with no preservatives, making them a favorite for many.  The ingredient list for each of our tortillas, can easily be read and understood; what you see is what you get.  The lists are short and simple, the way they should be.  We use certified organic grains and pure Michigan non-gmo sunflower oil.

Ancient Grains - Spelt & Kamut

We offer two ancient grain tortillas; Spelt & Kamut.  These grains are not gluten-free, but the gluten breaks down easier than gluten found in "modern wheat", making it a popular choice for many with sensitivities to wheat.  Please read more about these grains below.

Pure Michigan sunflower oil 

We use Pure-Michigan cold-pressed, non-gmo sunflower oil in all of our tortillas. The seeds are collected from our friend, Bill, of Grand Traverse Culinary Oils from northern Michigan farmers and cold-pressed for the world's most wonderful sunflower oil.

How to prepare?

It is important to refrigerate our tortillas to maintain freshness.  When taking tortillas from the refrigerator, allow the pack to warm to room temperature and they'll soften nicely.  If heating on a skillet / pan, turn heat on simmer and warm just slightly; warming for too long could dry out the grains, thus the tortilla.  They can also be frozen.  The entire pack can be frozen or for individual consumption, place parchment paper between tortillas.  

Our tortillas / wraps....Regular & Large!