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why our tortillas?

Well, first off, we only use ingredients that the consumer is familiar with.  NO preservatives of any kind. Have you ever seen USDA certified organic flour tortillas in the non-refrigerated isle at the grocery store? How can they truly be organic and not have to be refrigerated?  More than likely, they have been in transit and on trucks for days! Our tortillas will last at max a few days outside of refrigeration and will keep up to 4 weeks if kept cold, but like with any no-preservative bread product, it will taste better the sooner consumed. And yes, they do freeze quite well. Our tortillas are fresh, baked throughout the week. We use certified organic grains, sourced locally. Our sunflower oil comes from Grand Traverse Culinary Oils (Traverse City) and is cold-pressed and non-gmo. Think of this as a reinvented tortilla.  This is how food should be...

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 ...Simple.  fresh.  non-gmo.  organic.  all-natural. 

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